• The Hampton Township Municipal Building will be closed on Friday, April 21, 2017 from 9am-4pm due to the installation of a municipal complex generator in order for JCP&L to bring new service to the building. Dog licenses and other documents may be dropped in the beige drop box located by the front doors and we will retrieve them on Monday morning.

  • Poll Workers Needed! Have FUN and get PAID while participating in democracy. Board of Elections training classes are being scheduled now - call Jeannie for more information 973-579-0950 x 4

  • Hampton Fire & Rescue Spring Garage Sale- Saturday April 22nd from 9am-3pm: Get a kick on spring cleaning, bring down your housewares, antiques, clothing, garage items, yard tools and more! $20 a space which includes table, chairs and all the advertising! Discount if you participate at the garage sale and mother's market the next day!

  • Hampton Fire & Rescue Mother's Market Sunday April 23rd from 9am-3pm: Specifically for maternity, baby, kids items, clothing, gear and furniture. $20 a space which includes a table, chairs and all the advertising!

  • As a reminder dog licenses are due by February 10th, 2017 after which a $5.00 a month per dog late fee will be assessed. Please be sure to include an updated rabies certificate that is valid through at least November 1st 2017. The fees are $11.00 for a neutered/spayed dog or $14.00 if they are not neutered/spayed. If you are licensing your dog after February 10th, please click here to be directed to the late fee schedule in order to send in correct payment.

  • Hampton Fire & Rescue Mother's Day Flower Sale- May 10-13 from 8am-7pm: 100's of hanging baskets, flats, pots and patio planters.

  • Jazz in the Park! Saturday May 20th, 2017 at 5:00 PM. Bring your families and chairs to enjoy a performance by the KRHS Jazz Band in Hampton Park! Refreshments will be available for purchase.

  • Interested in helping to volunteer at a Hampton Recreation Event? We're always in need of an extra set of hands! Please contact Valerie at the Municipal Office and let us know what types of events you may be interested in volunteering at and leave your contact information for our volunteer database! Either email vgalizia@hamptontwp-nj.org or call 973-383-5570.

  • April 2017 Issue of The Senior Times available
    Please click here to view the issue

  • Township Committee 2017 Annual Budget

    2017 Annual Budget Introduction and the 2016 Financial Statement - on the Ordinance & Financial Page.
  • Hampton Township Recreation Committee Facebook 

    www.facebook.com/HamptonRecreationCommittee  Like and Share
  • ​Power Outage?  JCP&L now offers a way to view or report

    On Website  & App For Smart Phones 
  • FEMA Intergovernmental Affairs Advisory: 

    National flood insurance program & implementation of the homeowner flood insurance affordability act & the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act. To view the article
  • Hampton Township Fire & Rescue:

    Members needed for Fire & EMS.  Free Training! For more information please call  973-940-7322 and leave a message.
  • Trails Committee: 

    ​Hampton Township & the surrounding municipalities are looking to form a Trails Committee that would be responsible for researching areas of existing easements to connect one municipality to another by trails. If interested in joining the committee please call  973-383-5570.

  • SCUMA-www.scmua.org - Televisions, computers, monitors, & portable laptop computers need to be brought to the SCMUA center;  as of January 1st 2011, Waste Management is prohibited from picking them up.
  • Just a reminder, the current contract with Waste Management states that garbage can be picked up as early as 6 a.m.  Please have your garbage out by at least 6 a.m. on garbage day only.
  • Have household batteries to dispose of? Click here to SCMUA's guide to proper household battery management.
  • Don’t forget your old phone books are recyclable!  

  • Tax Payers
    • PLEASE BE AWARE- it has come to the attention of the Sussex County Board of Taxation that there is false solicitation being distributed throughout Sussex County in the form of a pink postcard. For more information please click here.
    • Tax payment information, please click here to view info
    • Property tax reimbursement information (Senior Freeze)
  • Phone Scams: 
    • ​Never give out or confirm any personal or financial information over the phone. There are scams involving Social Security, insurance or certified copies of your deed. More information is provided at: www.sussexcountyclerk.com.​

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Recreational Fields

       In the early 1700’s the forest teemed with wildlife. Wolves, bear, deer, bobcat, turkeys, and rich variety of small game shared this bountiful land with the Leni Lenape Indians. Settlers had yet to discover the beauty and the serenity of what was to become modern day Hampton Township. 
       On March 10, 1864, the State Legislature officially established the Township of Hampton, New Jersey. The small villages of Baleville and Washingtonville were no longer under the wing of the Town of Newton but became the community centers of the newly established township. The gristmills, country stores, and schools had sprung up as the population had increased and bound the inhabitants together and helped them to endure and prosper in this remote corner of the state. 
       Now, at the turn of the millennium, the Indians and wolves are but a memory. However, the scenic charm that attracted those early settlers still work its magic today. Over the years farms have replaced forests, and dams fill valleys with lakes where streams once wound their way down to the Delaware. Three centuries of growth and change have transformed Hampton Township from a wilderness into a thriving community, with a modern commercial corridor surrounded by rural neighborhoods that remain a haven for residents and tourists alike.

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