Sussex County 2021 General Election Information

General Election Day in New Jersey this year is Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021.

All regular polling places in Sussex County will be open. 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
• Voting is in-person using voting machines. Voters must vote in their assigned location (assigned location is indicated on Sample Ballot or call the Election Office)
• Vote by Mail ballots are also available from the County Clerk’s Office upon request and can be returned in one of 3 ways:
• US Mail postmarked no later than Election Day November 2nd. and be received by your county's Board of Elections on or before November 8.
• Board of Elections Office
o Office hours 8am – 4pm Monday thru Friday.

• Registered voters can apply for a vote-by-mail ballot by going to VOTE.NJ.GOV or by contacting the County Clerk.


Voters who already requested a mail-in ballot, or who are on an automatic list to receive mail-in ballots for all future elections, are not eligible to vote on a voting machine. If you are currently on the County's permanent Vote-by-Mail list, you must first opt off that list if you want to vote in person on a voting machine. Complete and return an opt-Off form. 

Ballot Box Information:
o Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
o Ballots are picked up by Elections staff every morning.
o Drop boxes are locked at 8:00 p.m. on Election Day.
** (Note: Vote-by-Mail ballots cannot be returned to polling places on Election Day.)

• Voters can designate another person to return their paper ballot for them as noted on the ballot envelope. These “Bearers” can only return a total of 3 ballots, or 5 ballots if from the same household, in addition to their own.
• Sample ballots will be sent to all registered voters approximately 2 weeks prior to Election Day. The sample ballot will include the voter’s assigned polling place.
• The deadline to register to vote in time for this General Election is Wednesday, October 13. The Board of Elections office will remain open until 9pm to accept new registrations.
• If a voter has moved within the County, they should call the Board of Elections to update their address so they can vote in their new town.

All polling places are inspected yearly for ADA Accessibility

COVID 19 protocols will be observed – COVID supplies will be available at each location
Any questions can be directed to the Election Office at 973-579-0950

In-Person Early Voting

The new Early voting Law passed in 2021 and allows voters to vote in person on voting machines at designated Early Voting Sites in their county. ​This new option enables all registered voters to cast their ballot in person, using a voting machine, prior to Election Day. The duration of the Early Voting period depends on the type of election, with more early voting days allotted to general election than to primaries. You can now choose to vote, in person, when it's most convenient for your schedule. 

  • For a non-presidential primary there are 3 days of early voting, beginning on the 4th day before Election Day.
  • For a presidential primary, there are 5 days of early voting, beginning on the 6th day before Election Day.
  • For all general election, which are held in November, there are 9 days of early voting, beginning on the 10th day before Election Day.
  • The Early Voting period ends the Sunday immediately preceding Election Day for all election types. 

No matter where you live in the county, you can vote your specific ballot at any of your county's designated in-person early voting locations. 

In-person early voting locations will be open Saturday, October 23 through Sunday, October 31. Hours will be Monday-Saturday, 10am-8pm and Sunday, 10am-6pm. 

The number of Early Voting Sites in a County depends on the number of registered voters in the County. Sussex County voters will have a choice of 3 Early Voting Sites:

  1. Sussex County Fairgrounds, Augusta
  2. Sussex-Wantage Branch Library, Wantage
  3. Louis Childs Branch Library, Hopatcong

Early Voting at Select Polling Sites

Beginning with the November 2, 2021 General Election, NJ voters will have another way to cast their votes early.

While NJ has early voting in the form of mail-in ballots, the new Early Voting law passed in 2021 will allow voters to vote in person on voting machines at des

Election Dates for 2021​​

  • General Election:  November 2, 2021
    • Voter Registration Deadline:  October 13, 2020
  • Deadline for In-Person Mail-In Ballot Applications for General Election: November 1, 2021 by 3:00pm.

Track My Ballot
Due to historically high volume, ballots deposited in Secure Ballot Drop Box locations may take up to one week to show up as “Received” and Ballots sent via US Mail may take up to two weeks to show up as "Received" in the Ballot Tracker.
You can track the progress of your ballot. Here’s how: Start by signing into your personal My Voter Record account.

  Log Into My Voter Record  

If do not already have a My Voter Record account, you will need to set up your account.
You can use your Voter ID, NJ Driver's License Number or the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number to sign up for your account. It is suggested that you use your Voter ID. You can find it by using the "Am I Registered/Voter Search Tool.” Or you can contact your County Election Officials.

Set Up My Voter Record Account  

*Or you can also call your County Election Officials to track your Mail-In Ballot.

Either return your ballot by mail, deliver it to your county Board of Elections office, place it in one of the secure ballot drop boxes located throughout your county, or bring it to your polling place. Remember only you, the voter, can bring your ballot to your polling place on Election Day. Ballot status information (i.e. – received, etc.) is provided by the counties via an automated process. The amount of time it takes until updates post to the Ballot Tracker may vary from county to county. Please check back periodically for updates to your ballot status.

Video Guide for First Time NJ Voters

  • The Hall Institute of Public Policy and the League of Women Voters of New Jersey have created a five-minute video public service (PSA) announcement entitled 
  • "What Happens When You Go To Vote in New Jersey: A Step-by-Step Guide".

Are you registered? 

Quick and easy voting in Sussex County. 

For further information , forms and applications 

Poll Workers Needed!

Have FUN and get PAID while participating in democracy. Board of Elections training classes are being scheduled now - call Jeannie for more information 973-579-0950 x 4

For the list of upcoming training courses to become a poll worker, please click here.